This is going to be short and simple. When we started this campaign against extortion schemes, we connected with several people, organizations and agencies, looking for information. We are fighting the cyber extortionists with their proprietary method of course.

When we got in touch with (a suspicious looking activist organisation we heard good things about), they offered their full cooperation and even offered technical and hosting support while we were under a massive DDOS attack.

However, over a period of time, we got suspicious when they refused to publish information and articles provided by us. Verified information, documents and data which could help expose several cyber extortion websites. We eventually let it go.

Then came this post at Ripoff Report –


Imagine being endorsed by Why would RipoffReport post about Are they funded by these complaint websites to monitor copyright claims so that they can get more people to pay directly to website to remove? What’s going on?

Then yesterday, at least 3 individuals and organisations who are victims of cyber extortion (with whom we have no working relations with) emailed us asking for an explanation. It seems has been going around telling everybody about their connections and relations with and revealing our plans and details. Although nothing important was compromised, it appears that has been making up stories to please their masters.

Now we are sure that it was nothing but an attempt at social engineering against us. To portray themselves as activists to get close to us, try and find out our identities and other information which they can pass on to their masters. Such a lame attempt, and shameful as these tactics will undermine other actual activists who do good work.

Shame on you You are no better than these extortion sites. And it we ever get evidence against you, of you demanding even a penny to remove any article from your website, you WILL BE PUBLISHED and exposed on

To our supporters and friends, please beware of such fake activists trying to get in touch with you representing us. Do not share any info with them. They are dangerous and you must avoid them.

We strongly suspect them of launching a clone website – . Pray that we don’t find any evidence against them, since they don’t know who we are, but we certainly know who these people are.

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