So let us get this straight. will be a permanent place on the internet featuring you, the Cyber Extortion Criminals and their Associates. This website will NEVER go down. It will be here for decades, listing you, your friends, your family. It’ll feature your kid’s math teacher, your dog walker, the guy who delivers your newspaper.


The website’s security, maintenance and hosting is paid for life by the trust we formed. It will never go down, no matter what you do.

Which brings us to the next part – How will we ever find our who you are? Well, honey, we already do. You see, over the past year, we have all been your favorite client. We have done business with you. We have paid you. We have talked over the phone. We know everything about you now.

Did we mention we have resources you must worry about? Now that we know who you are, it’s easy for us to spend money on private investigators IN YOUR COUNTRY to provide us with even more information. And yes, we do have a team of lawyers based all across the globe. Let’s see you in court, shall we ?

Finally, we have spent months establishing contacts with powerful entities who want justice to be delivered to you. These are powerful people in law enforcement agencies, some of your ex-victims, some support groups, and some of your own ‘moles’ who want to kick you while you are down.

So, don’t spend your nights wondering where the hell did we get all your information from. Don’t even contemplate thinking on how to remove from Make peace with the fact that this is your life now. Start explaining your kids what to tell their friends when they ask them ‘What does your daddy do for a living?’

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