This is where as expose the nexus between Renne Hom and the Extortion Websites. These people enjoying making money out of your misery. They don’t care about the pain and stress you are going through due to defamation and extortion. No, they are leeches that suck your blood. Do not be fooled, for these are the same people that share a cozy laugh with the Extortion Complaint Websites behind your back, and discuss how much you are worth to them. If it’s a Reputation Firm, we’ll challenge their own reputation online. If they are a law firm, we’ll ensure that law takes it’s own course and disbars them.

Here on this series of posts, you will find all information about this so-called Reputation Service and their actors, including –

Their real names
Their relation with any complaint website(s), if any
Identities of all their staff members
Their contact details, phone, address
Their photos, documents and other business activities
Identities of their family, friends and close associates
Extortion Complaint websites working with this firm
Forensic Evidence
Their revenue model
Their banking information
Their Payment Gateway Details – most payment gateways do NOT allow pay-to-remove services
Evidence of Extortion
Guidelines on exact laws they have broken, with instructions on how to report them to authorities who are investigating them.
Anonymous Tip on this service

Nothing and Nobody can remain anonymous on the internet. Everybody leaves a trail. With this investigation, we’ll prove that these are nothing but associates of opportunist criminals who have left a series of trail. For a team of investigators with over 40 years of combined Cyber Investigation skills, this was a piece of cake. We’ll release the information in stages, so that it can be useful for the legal process.

Renne Hom is the coward who proposes to expose cyber extortion when she, in fact, is the owner and mastermind who extorts money from her victims through the internet and extortion websites. A black widow disguising herself as a heroine, helping the victims of all the meanies on the internet. She cries, moans and sells a sob story of being a victim and, all the while, she laughs all the way to the bank. THANKS SUCKERS ! LIFE IS GOOD.

She posts victims on internet, anonymously, then offers to come to their rescue for a fee. The price is somewhat hefty, like her thighs, which require extensive feeding. She have extorted over a million dollars from suckers who believe these low-lifes are trying to help, all within a year.  In fact, Hom post fake news herself, then extort money from victims by offing to help. Bottom feeders, leeches, well-fed low lifes.

Ms Hom was recently dumped by her ex because of her greed. We received an email (from a friend of her ex) who claims that she slandered him all over the internet, refused to share the spoils of the scam profit, and even went so far as to take away his key to the food cabinet. A man has to eat.

Emails are already pouring in from unsuspecting victims, people conned by this evil women.  A scam from the inception, compounded by teaming up to do the dirty work after Hom was dumped by her ex.

Mastermind Renne Hom Extortioner

Renne Hom
San Jose California 95135
United States
(408) 489-3816
Proxy IP Address she use’s to slander people for money and sex


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  1. This is utter garbage and totally false. You must be out of your mind to come to this conclusion when you likely don’t have any proof to back up your claims. Also, Andre Canepa isn’t my ex-boyfriend. He’s just a former friend turned enemy after his betrayal.

    1. Honey you wish he was yours. Isn’t that why it all started? You’re just jealous he’s mine. Sweetheart you need to own up to your actions and admit that you just got upset that he wouldn’t pay you back for gifts. Maybe next time you’ll actually use your words to communicate with your crush so he doesn’t end up with someone else. Have a good day love.

    1. No. Shawn, that isn’t the case here. You don’t know me to be commenting on such garbage that this site posted to try to ruin me. There were no sexual relations between Andre and me either. I’m not the type who goes for the FWB thing. Plus, he’s not my type, especially being a whiny man child and sexual deviant.

  2. Remove this post as it is false and slanderous. If this isn’t removed, it’ll be reported to the FBI as a cyber extortion attempt to pay for removal.

    1. Why would Scott Breitenstein slander you? Funny as hell…Why did you bring up Andre Canepa name for? You can read this post and it doe’s not say anything about Andre name in it. I bet you have a bad horney crush on Scott Breitenstein and Andre Canepa because your internet history shows that. Also you our very jealous because Andre has him hot ass chick name Lauren Rice. you our mad because you thought if you bought Andre Canepa a birthday gift for his birthday, he would have gave you sex InReturn, and now because he dont want to have sex with you, now you want him to pay you back for birthday gift

    1. She IS a loser. She even admitted to others that she stalks a ex of one of the guys she had sex with soobin cho and she continues to harass others. I’m friends with andre and he has moved on since all this garbage has happened. She needs to get a life and grow up. She seems to have mental issues judging from how she cant move on. Andre has moved to grass valley and renne still continues to message his friends and try to ruin his life and search for people to talk garbage about him in his current town. Andre is trying really hard to not stoop to her level and bring this matter to court. It’s like they say karma will get you someday. Its funny I read people commenting on some of the other sites agreeing with renne despite not knowing andre or what he is like. He is a caring compassionate person with autism whom is being irrationally bullied by this stalking freak.

  3. Renne you have never worked one day in your life, your parents always pay your bill’s for you..Hell you don’t have time to get a job because you stay on the internet slander people all day, and you know this to be the truth..if you are not on the internet slander people then you stay on that website or selling you foodstamps you get each month but have your mother by your food also, so what do you do with your foodstamps Renne?

    1. Mary you are so right. She spent her daddys money on gifts for Andre. When she got in trouble she flipped out and demanded the money back. Andre refused as they were gifts. She’s like a 3 year old throwing a tantrum honestly.