In a typical Cyber Extortion Scheme, there are 3 protagonists-

  • The Complaint Website – who publishes the defamatory content
  • The Reputation Firm – who volunteers to remove the content using magic
  • The Client – idiot who pays for this

The end game is to remove those defamatory content for a price. As long as this is achieved, the revenue will never dry up and the business model will sustain.

So, at CyberExtortioner, we’ve set up a custom scanbot for each of these websites.  What it does is, it scans for broken links, 404 errors and page-not-found warnings for all your complaints. Any link which suddenly vanishes from the face of the Earth, is probably paid for.

So, as soon as we receive such alerts, those complaints will be copied judiciously and published ALL around the internet, with a warning that this is what happens when you finance an extortion racket.

So, dear complaint sites, and reputation firms, and law firms, who have paid in order to remove complaints from these websites, stand by, since –


80 more sites coming very soon…

Removed Complaints

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