Judi Greenspan, Mother to owner Aaron Jacob Greenspan of



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  1. Aaron Greenspan received 250k in donations in 2010. For some reason after 2011 isnt online. This link has Think computer Foundation tax forms. In the rippoffreport the Aaron J Greenspan lied and said he never received any donations. You can clearly see in the 2010 tax form he received 250k.

    Plainsite does not help children at all. Look at the tax forms. They get free tickets from the Indians. Plainsite does not even spend a penny to help anyone.

    1. Aaron Greenspan is also taunting Diego Mas Marques. The link below Aaron Greenspan is using the fake name randy123789 on 8th of Mar, 2018. People cant stand this little worm Aaron Greenspan. The entire Shaker Heights hates Judi Greenspan, Neil S Greenspan , Simon Greenspan and Aaron Jacob Greenspan. I’m going to attend the court hearing on July 24th and let the judge know the truth about this idiot. Aaron Greenspan has another court date about the retraining order. Diego didnt do anything to this jerk Aaron Greenspan. Aaron Greenspan also faked many documents and the judge was fooled. Aaron Greenspan needs to be locked up for the fake charity. Aaron Greenspan brings crazy to a new level .

      1. The next court date for the Restraining Order Hearing Diego MasMarques v. Aaron Greenspan is on December 12, 2018 at 1:30pm at the Santa Clara Superior Court Civil Division, Department 11, San Jose, California.

        Diego MasMarques has had a Restraining Order against Aaron Greenspan since July 3, 2018 but Aaron Greenspan has been constantly avoiding being Served this Restraining Order up until October 19, 2018. On October 19, 2018 Diego MasMarques was going to have to request his 4th request for a continuance against Aaron Greenspan. On this date October 19, 2018, Aaron Greenspan showed to this court date thinking that Diego MasMarques would not be present. Though, Diego MasMarques was allowed a Court Call for the 9am Hearing on October 19, 2018.

        Aaron Greenspan had his name called out and proudly went right in to trying to have Diego MasMarques not be able to receive any more continuances on his Restraining Order against Aaron Greenspan. Little did Aaron Greenspan know was that Diego MasMarques was on the phone. When Diego MasMarques’ name was called out and he stated ‘present” thing got pretty quiet in the courtroom and then we observed Aaron Greenspan going off on a tangent trying to get his way with the Judge and she had to stop him several times from misbehaving in the courtroom. It is clear that when Aaron Greenspan does not get his way he goes off the deep end and gets really angry.

        The Judge then proceeded to have Diego MasMarques’ Restraining Order Served on Aaron Greenspan. Aaron Greenspan has now been officially Served the Restraining Order on October 19, 2018.

        One of the many stipulations in the Restraining Order against Aaron Greenspan is the following: “To not make attempts to obtain addresses, phone numbers or any personal data and not to upload on search engines.” So, what do you think Aaron Greenspan did on that same day at approximately 5pm California time? He somehow gained access to Diego MasMarques’ home address and uploaded his home address on a California Court form and then displayed Diego MasMarques’ home address on one of his many Twitter accounts: “plainsite@plainsite” and aarongreenspan@aarongreenspan”.

        Then on this same day October 9, 2018 during the entire evening Aaron Greenspan began uploading pictures that he somehow got hold of most likely by having hacked in to Diego MasMarques’ msn email address over a year ago, along with other personal documents that are not public. Aaron Greenspan went on a rampage and intentionally and willfully continued and continues to this day violating this Restraining Order, as he shows absolutely no respect for the Judge’s decision or Law Enforcement. Aaron Greenspan believes that he is above the law and that only has rights and nobody else.

        Aaron Greenspan had his Twitter account plainsite@plainsite suspended and was told to stop uploading Diego MasMarques’ addresses and other personal information. The same day that Twitter lifted the suspension on Aaron Greenspan’s Twitter account, he started right in and started uploading more pictures of Diego MasMarques, personal documents and even got hold of copyright material that was acquired by having hacked in to Diego MasMarques’ msn email account. This copyright material is in Spanish and Aaron Greenspan then falsely translated these copyright material documents, in order to willfully Harass and Stalk Diego MasMarques and his family.

        Diego MasMarques filed a police complaint on October 10, 2018 with the local police station and then on October 29, 2018 once again with the San Jose, Police Station, as Aaron Greenspan refuses to quit harassing and stalking Diego MasMarques on a daily basis.

        Then Aaron Greenspan started calling the local Police and Court where Diego MasMarques on a daily basis. Sometimes 5 times a day to set Diego MasMarques up with a false charges.

        Aaron Greenspan somehow hacked in to and what they call “spoofed” Diego MasMarques’ Internet Network and is trying to say that Diego MasMarques did this and that when he did not do any of the lies that Aaron Greenspan has accused him of. Diego MasMarques already has the evidence against Aaron Greenspan that he has violated the Restraining Order that was Served on him on October 19, 2018 and would not do anything to jeopardize this before the Courts.

        Aaron Greenspan has been sending Diego MasMarques emails since July 2, 2018 using the email address claiming that he is not Aaron Greenspan but hates Aaron Greenspan and that he is born in Israel but lives in the United States. Many of Aaron Greenspans’ emails contained “Attachments” Some of which Diego MasMarques had opened thinking that perhaps this person was not Aaron Greenspan but it was Aaron Greenspan all along and this is just one more example of Aaron Greenspan’s blatant disrespect for anyone or anything.

        On October 24, 2018, Aaron Greenspan shut his fake email “” down. On November 3 and 4th of 2018 Aaron Greenspan sent two emails on each of these days using another fake email account “JasonTerry5@gmail”, telling Diego MasMarques that he’s “” again and using a fake email account on purpose because he does not want Aaron Greenspan to find out who he is? All of these “personas” are one in the same, they are Aaron Greenspan.

        Aaron Greenspan has practically been violating the Restraining Order placed on him since Diego MasMarques first received the Restraining Order against Aaron Greenspan on July 3, 2018. Aaron Greenspan does not want anyone else to have any First Amendment Rights.

        Apparently Aaron Greenspan thinks in his mind that the First Amendment only is there for him because he thinks he is entitled, privileged and better and smarter than everyone else.

        Aaron Greenspan is a Criminal and has been getting away with committing crimes against the public now for many years. Aaron Greenspan Hacks in to people’s computers, Servers, email addresses, data basis and much more. Why hasn’t the San Jose Police Department taken action against these crimes by Aaron Greenspan?

  2. Damn that woman is ugly. Judi Greenspan looks like a transvestite! Judi Greenspan is just as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside. She is co-owner of an extortion website with her son Aaron Greenspan.

    1. Dude reach out to me. We got to talk about plansh$t.

      Lol Aaron Greenspan is trying to shake down Herbalife for money.

      Dont forget to donate to Think Computer Foundation aka fake charity for needy autistic children. Judith keene Greenspan is very wealthy and owns keene promotions. Neil S Greenspan is a rich dr and professor at case western reserve university . They have a grown son who is autistic and buy him stuff and then able to write everything off. They have not done anything for Education autistic children. The tax forms said they sold $600 books and sold it on Amazon for a lost. I got a secret for you. Judi Greenspan got the books for free and never did purchase the books and then turned around and sold them on Amazon under retail price.

      Look at the 2nd link below. Neil Greenspan and Judith keene Greenspan playing the victim again. Simom Greenspan lost his job at the Q because Judi Greenspan was trying to shake down the Q for season tickets and threaten to sue.

  3. Aaron Geenspan is psycho. Aaron Greenspan is a pathological liar who lies without effor. Aaron Greenspan Is someone for whom telling a lie comes more naturally than telling the truth. Its part of Aaron Greenspan everyday life, to the point where their whole existence is a fabrication. Aaron Greenspan was able to fool everyone into thinking he invented facebook.

    This all roots to Aaron Greenspan childhood trauma in shaker Hights. Aaron Greenspan didnt have any friends . No one liked him. Not even his twin brother Simon Greenspan. Aaron Greenspan is very insecure individual raised by very authoritative and strict parents who were not excepting of Aaron Greenspan haveing Asperger syndrome. Therefore Aaron Greenspan had to create a persona that was lovable and acceptable by Judi keene Greenspan and Dr. Neil S. Greenspan to avoid punishment, embarrassment, and vulnerability.

    Pathological lying can be difficult to treat there isn’t hope for Aaron Greenspan.Aarom Greenspan brother Simon keene Greenspan is autistic as well and has caused huge disturbances in shaker heights. Aaron Greenspan is a big supporter of the 2nd amendment and brags about a gun. The 2 should not mix. This is insane how one crazy white guy is able to own so much free data and also own a gun.
    Aaron Jacob Greenspan is a ticking time bomb. Normal people dont stalk their victims.

    1. Aaron Greenspan is also a Criminal and a Hacker. Check the following link out from a June 18, 2012 article on this Aaron Greenspan and how he Hacked in to the database of some Lawyers in three minutes.

      Why is Law Enforcement detaining this Criminal Aaron Greenspan and charging him for all of his crimes against the public.

      Aaron Greenspan’s father Dr. Neil S Greenspan is the VP and Treasurer for the monetized website and has been enabling his son Aaron Greenspan to do all these things to the public since he was teenager. The mother Judith Keene Greenspan is also part owner of this monetized website and they have this entire Tax Scam under a fraudulent 501(c)(3) called Think Computer Corporation and Think Computer Foundation. They have Think Computer Corporation based out of Delaware and Think Computer Foundation based out of Ohio. The monetized website that is a criminal extortion racket should not legally be under the Think Computer Foundation’s 501(c)(3) because Aaron Greenspan goes around and gets private advertising for, charges between $9.99 and $99.99 for subscription fees, then he charges $4,500 to have a URL removed from, which essentially is fully blown blackmail, fraud and of course extortion.
      Judith Keene Greenspan also is part owner of Keene Promotions based out of Newton, Massachusetts and along with her brother Michael Keene they have fraudulently placed this Keene Promotions company also under the umbrella of Think Computer Foundation, in order to avoid paying their taxes and defrauding the Federal and State Governments out of hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions of dollars in tax revenues. This is why they can live it up because they have created for themselves a whole lot of Tax Evasion and intricate Tax Fraud schemes and have been doing this now for decades. They don’t seem to like to work like regular Americans do.
      These people want to scam and defraud the public and the Federal and State Governments to live it up at everyone else’s expense.

    1. Simon keene Greenspan Facebook page. Judi Greenspan and Neil S Greenspan use Simon Greenspan to make money of him being autistic. Simon Greenspan and Judy keene Greenspan are always in the media with some kind if ploy to make more money of Simon Greenspan.

      It’s pretty sad that Aaron Greenspan hates Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg with a passion but his own mother is active on facebook.

      1. Ya they should have become actors! These people know how to complain, complain, complain and complaint and play the victim to try and get their way. They will sue you for two Dollars! Ha, ha, ha!

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  5. Has anyone wondered if Aaron Greenspan is a full blown Hacker? Well, here is the proof that Aaron Greenspan is 100% a criminal Hacker who uses all kinds of illegal methods to gain access to the public’s personal information. Aaron Greenspan also works together with other Hackers all across the globe to gain access to highly sensitive information using many illegal methods.

    The following is an article from “ABOVE THE LAW”, dated June 18, 2018 that shows how Aaron Greenspan Hacked in to their computer system and in three minutes gained access to all of their legal documents. All the Lawyers witnessed Aaron Greenspan Hacking in to their highly secure computer system that they thought had all this security but Aaron Greenspan hacked in to their computers at this deposition at CONNECT U.

    The following is the URL for this “ABOVE THE LAW” June 18, 2018 articles called “Facebook Litigation Continues: A Closer Look at Aaron Greenspan”.

    The public needs to wake up and realize that Aaron Greenspan is a highly dangerous criminal Hacker who is going around and illegally hacking in to people’s computers, phones, Servers and all kinds of electronics. Its surprising that Law Enforcement has not detained this Hacker for all the hacking he has been doing for many years now.

    The following is the entire “ABOVE THE LAW” article from June 18, 2012:

    Facebook Litigation Continues: A Closer Look at Aaron Greenspan
    Was Aaron Greenspan the programmer Facebook forgot? Let’s hear, in his own words, the story of his various lawsuits against the social network…
    Jun 18, 2012 at 4:46 PM
    Last month, we wrote about another in the increasingly long list of Facebook creation story-related lawsuits. The plaintiff in that story was Aaron Greenspan, a college classmate of Mark Zuckerberg. While Greenspan was in school, he created a similar social network to what eventually became Facebook.

    Greenspan alleges that he was unfairly omitted from The Social Network, the 2011 film purportedly telling the history of Facebook. Greenspan felt so jilted at being left out of the movie that he sued the company that published The Accidental Billionaires, on which the hit movie was based (affiliate links).

    As of of our last story, Greenspan’s suit alleging “defamation by omission” had just been dismissed by a Massachusetts federal judge.

    But he appealed the decision to the First Circuit. Over the weekend, he also emailed us, and gave us more detail about his story. Let’s check in and hear what he has to say, along with a colorful deposition story from the old ConnectU case. There’s more than meets the eye to this tenacious programmer turned Facebook nemesis…

    I received the following email from Aaron Greenspan on Sunday afternoon (the entire note is reprinted on the following page):

    In your article on May 14th ( you portrayed me as a hanger-on trying to get rich off of a tenuous connection to Facebook. You also compared me to Paul Ceglia and the Winklevoss twins. You don’t have your facts straight, and the comparison is insulting.

    First of all, I already settled with both Mark and Facebook in 2009, which I don’t think you mentioned in your post. See While I certainly won’t complain if I’m ultimately awarded damages in the Mezrich case, your implied assertion that the suit is primarily motivated by money is not even close to true. I sued Mezrich because I’d had enough of listening to his lies and his three-hour interview on C-SPAN in November, 2011 was the straw that broke the camel’s back.


    InfoTrack Changes The Game Once Again With Simplified E-Filing In Illinois
    InfoTrack is entering the electronic filing game, and revolutionizing it in the process.

    (For the record, I did briefly mention the settlement in the story. But that is neither here nor there.)

    Greenspan says his fight is not simply not about the money. It’s about trying to correct big-picture unfairness that it seems has been difficult to escape:

    I understand why you might be skeptical, but that’s exactly why I filed this suit. I shouldn’t be forced to battle that skepticism all my life.

    For what it’s worth, shortly after we published our first story about Greenspan, a tipster wrote to us who has a fairly impressive view of Zuckerberg’s former classmate:

    Extremely interesting guy. I know the lawsuit you wrote about is pretty frivolous, but he is only pursuing it because he really was kind of screwed in a way.

    Aaron… wrote software that was way ahead of its time and really did everything and more that “The Facebook” did at Harvard. When Aaron was at Harvard, it morphed into a system that allowed classmates to share reviews about classes and buy and sell used textbooks. There is no doubt in my mind that Zuckerberg borrowed — stole, if you will — fundamental aspects from Greenspan’s system when Zuckerberg designed his.

    Now, the design elements were not patented or copyrighted, so Greenspan was not able to pursue a lawsuit, but I can see why it would be pretty tough for him to sit and watch Zuckerberg become as wealthy and famous as he is while Greenspan became just another “classmate.” I suspect that Greenspan has more raw intelligence when it comes to coding. So, I think that is important insight into the BS lawsuit about defamation by omission. Greenspan is really upset that history, wealth and fame have omitted him.… Alas, life is not fair.

    UPDATE (6:32 PM): Greenspan had this to say about our tipster’s note: “houseSYSTEM [the program he designed that, as the New York Times reported in 2007, was in some ways similar to Facebook] was copyrighted. I didn’t pursue a lawsuit because there weren’t any lawyers who would give me the time of day, and I didn’t know enough back then to do it myself.”


    5 Questions to Consider When Identifying the Best Legal AI
    Ask yourself these five questions as you evaluate the best AI platform for your legal research.

    Our tipster also provided a comical, somewhat impressive anecdote about Greenspan:

    There also is a funny story I heard about a deposition in the Connect U case. The lawyers had technical problems, and Aaron took it upon himself to solve the issue.He unplugged a cord and all the lawyers gasped because they feared that the transcript and/or recording from the day’s session was lost. One of the lawyers questioned him about it, and Aaron looked at him condescendingly and said, “I think I know what I’m doing….”

    Later, they plugged in a computer with a projector so they could pull up some code and question Aaron about it. With a keyboard in front of him, he took all of about 3 minutes to hack into the law firm’s system and display their files on the screen, again to the horror of the lawyers. The lawyer I talked to said it was a pretty amusing moment and did highlight his computer acumen.

    UPDATE (6:32 PM): For his part, Greenspan says he does not remember this happening at the ConnectU deposition.

    Check out Greenspan’s brief (and the appendix) in the defamation-by-omission case, which he filed pro se on June 13. To be fair, it is a bit dense and hard to follow. And it’s not the only Facebook-related litigation he is still involved in. Greenspan is also involved fighting Facebook about a program he created called FaceCash. As Greenspan explained in a follow-up email:

    After the settlement with Facebook in 2009, I began building a mobile payment system called FaceCash (, and planned to release other products that made productive use of facial recognition technology as well. (Well before Facebook, Inc. was around, I took a course on the psychology of facial recognition freshman year in college, and ended up building, so it’s been an interest of mine for a while.) I registered a few trademarks with the USPTO accordingly. Facebook opposed one of them, for FACEMAIL. The docket is located at It’s not related to Mezrich at all, and only tangentially relates to the settlement issues.

    As it so happens, FaceCash is also tied up in litigation now, but that’s a whole different story unrelated to anything else. You can find that at It’s probably the most interesting and under-reported story of them all.

    Who knows where this clearly intelligent, combative programmer will end up. I’m not sure what the lesson here is, if there’s anything to be learned all. Maybe — especially if some of his claims are really true — it’s that life just isn’t fair.

    But to put a positive spin on it, you could quote John Updike, describing the best qualities in his famous character, Rabbit Angstrom: “[Y]ou haven’t given up. In your stupid way you’re still fighting.”

    Go through to the next page to see Greenspan’s original email, more links to court documents, and links to his personal project websites…

    1 2NEXT »

    Aaron Greenspan, Ben Mezrich, ConnectU, Copyright, Defamation, Defamation by Omission, Depositions, Facebook, FaceCash, Federal Judges, Harvard, Intellectual Property, Mark Zuckerberg, Social Media, Social Networking Websites, Technology, The Accidental Billionaires, The Social Network, Winklevoss Twins

    Page 2

    ( you portrayed me as a hanger-on trying to get rich off of a tenuous connection to Facebook. You also compared me to Paul Ceglia and the Winklevoss twins. You don’t have your facts straight, and the comparison is insulting.

    First of all, I already settled with both Mark and Facebook in 2009, which I don’t think you mentioned in your post. See While I certainly won’t complain if I’m ultimately awarded damages in the Mezrich case, your implied assertion that the suit is primarily motivated by money is not even close to true. I sued Mezrich because I’d had enough of listening to his lies and his three-hour interview on C-SPAN in November, 2011 was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    Second, what I have to say must genuinely scare Facebook’s lawyers, because they recently resorted to this in an unrelated simultaneous dispute before the USPTO TTAB:

    (Yes, we settled, but that doesn’t mean their lawyers will leave me alone. They’re still insisting that they have exclusive rights to the word “FACE.”) You’ll notice that more than half of the pages in this deposition transcript have been redacted by their counsel. This is relevant because among other things, they redacted references to the mere existence of our settlement agreement–to keep reporters like you in the dark, and to ensure that I’m portrayed as…a hanger-on trying to get rich off of a tenuous connection to Facebook. My response to these tactics can be found here:


    How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Legal Research
    The importance of legal research persists, but how it’s conducted is constantly advancing and evolving.


    As far as the Mezrich case is concerned, if you’re really interested in reporting on it, I’d suggest reading my appeal brief, which I just filed (and which is why I’m sending this message to you now). You can find the brief and the appendix here:

    I understand why you might be skeptical, but that’s exactly why I filed this suit. I shouldn’t be forced to battle that skepticism all my life.


    Short Answers to Common Questions
    I am a US-licensed attorney living in Japan looking for a job in the US. Why is getting an interview so hard?

    Lastly, you may be interested in another project I’m working on:

    Earlier: Another One of Zuckerberg’s Former Classmates Tries — and Fails — to Cash in on Facebook
    Aaron Greenspan v. Random House: Brief of Aaron Greenspan [U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit]

    Aaron Greenspan is really dangerous to society and his father Neil S Greenspan who is the VP and Treasurer of Think Computer Foundation that overseas also has a NPI number that allows him full blown access to the public’s medical records and other highly sensitive data. These are dangerous people who do not want to really work for a living and want to sit back and make money on easy street by using the public’s data to set up all kinds of monetized websites.

  6. We would like to get some more legitimate people onboard with our class action lawsuit against these scoundrels.

    The email is Aaron Greenspan has contacted us and has made threats, thinking that our site belongs to someone else. This guy is really sick in the head and a HACKER!

  7. Aaron Greenspan is now attacking Diego Masmarques on following sites:

    Aaron Greenspan is a compulsive liar and enjoys shaming and smearing people as this is specialty when he does his Cyber Bullying.

    Aaron Greenspan is an insane Stalker and Sociopath.
    Aaron Greenspan Hacks in to people’s computers, emails, Servers and more.

    1. Aaron Greenspan is now attacking Diego MasMarques on his Twitter accounts aarongreenspan@aarongreenspan and plainsite@plainsite plus other fake Twitter accounts that he is using, along with all kinds of fake Social Media accounts that he uses to harass and stalk the public.

      Aaron Greenspan has illegally gained access to copyright material through hacking in to Servers and has been reported to Interpol and Secret Service. This individual has also manipulated copyright material by doing a fake translation and using this material to continuously harass and stalk Diego MasMarques.

      Why hasn’t Law Enforcement arrested Aaron Greenspan already? Aaron Greenspan should not be allowed to be roaming free in society, as he is a dangerous Sociopath.

      Aaron Greenspan is the alias “John Fuenchem” that he uses to harass the Free Law Project Board Members and Social Media followers. Aaron Greenspan has so many fake Social Media accounts such “bcboncs” on and many more.

    2. Aaron Greenspan has violated the Restraining Order every single day since he was Served this Restraining Order on October 9, 2018 by the Santa Clara Superior Court. Aaron Greenspan has been using his Twitter account to upload personal information on Diego Mas Marques and he is strictly prohibited from gaining access to any personal information on Diego Mas Marques for any purposes, especially for harassing, stalking and shaming him online. Aaron Greenspan has no respect for the Law or Police as he is continuously violating the Restraining Order in a malicious manner. Aaron Greenspan has gained access to a whole array of personal information by way of Hacking in to computers, emails, Servers and other Hacking methods that he exploits to abuse, harass, stalk, shame and do Cyber Bullying. California laws are especially quite strict when it deals with Cyber Bullying and Aaron Greenspan is one of the main criminals when it comes to Cyber Bullying and Hacking. It is obvious that Aaron Greenspan thinks that he is Above the Law.

  8. Aaron Greenspan using an alias to harass for free court records.

    Hello Mr. Rudenberg,

    You recently engaged with the RECAP initiative on Twitter. You may be interested in knowing that the Free Law Project has decided to charge other organizations money to access RECAP documents, and it now denies access to organizations which refuse to pay. The new version of the RECAP plug-in only uploads documents to the FLP’s own CourtListener site, while other sites, such as PlainSite, are no longer being updated in real time. The FLP’s Board of Directors made this decision in secret with no public discussion, and they made it despite the FLP’s stated position that court documents should be free and freely available to everyone.

    While the FLP is uploading court documents to the Internet Archive nightly, it is not uploading the metadata, meaning that other organizations cannot upload the documents to their own sites. While the FLP has promised it would upload the metadata to the Internet Archive once every three months, it has not done so yet, meaning that other organizations have been cut off from accessing RECAP data since October., which was the third-largest user of RECAP data, has shut down due to the FLP’s decision. Another bulk user of RECAP data, Docket Alarm, has sold itself to Fastcase. The FLP’s decision seems designed to squeeze out CourtListener’s competitors, and it appears to be working.

    I encourage you to read Aaron Greenspan’s original blog post at and his update on the situation at If you need more information, you can e-mail Greenspan at He has told me that he may be willing to release his private conversations with the FLP’s Mike Lissner. You may also wish to read Harvard Business School professor Ben Edelman’s opinion on the FLP’s decision at

    I’m not sure why the FLP feels it is necessary to charge other organizations money for access to RECAP data. Edelman suggests that RECAP’s operating expenses shouldn’t be very high, especially considering that open source software development often does not entail paying developers anything at all. According to the FLP’s 2016 Form 990 (which is posted on its website), the FLP had total revenues of $54, 528 that year, while Mike Lissner made a salary of $90, 010.

    I hope you share my concerns about the FLP’s decision, and I hope you’ll consider expressing your concerns to the FLP’s Board of Directors: Lissner (, Brian Carver (, and Ansel Halliburton (

    I have had several e-mail exchanges with Lissner. When I asked him about the reasons for the FLP’s decision, he repeatedly refused to answer any of my questions and simply responded with vague statements, such as “Our goal is to make RECAP great and we think this is an important part of doing so.” He refused to confirm or deny that the FLP was attempting to charge other organizations money for access to RECAP data. At one point, Lissner said “I’m not sure we owe you an explanation of our relationships with other organizations.” Meanwhile, my repeated e-mails to Carver and Halliburton have gone completely unanswered.

    I hope you feel that public discussion about the issue is warranted, and I hope you’ll consider tweeting a link to one of Greenspan’s blog posts.

    Best regards,


  9. Aaron Jacob Greenspan was Served Diego MasMarques’ Restraining Order on October 8, 2018 at the Santa Clara Superior Court in San Jose, Civil Division. The Judge has prohibited Aaron Jacob Greenspan from accessing any address or personal information on Diego MasMarques and he is prohibited from uploading any of Diego MasMarques’ information on the Search Engines.

    On this same day and every day since October 9, 2018, Aaron Jacob Greenspan has been uploading Diego mMasMarques’ home address place of employment of himself and his family, pictures that he gained access to by Hacking in to Diego MasMarques’ msn email account, manipulating and falsely translating copyright material from Spanish to English, continuously taunting Diego MasMarques by calling his local police station and court on a daily basis sometimes 5 or more times a day to try and control the narrative as Aaron Jacob Greensoan being a Siciopath contniuodky lies to try and get his way.

    Aaron Jacob Greenspan from what we have just found out has “spoofed” Diego MasMarques IP address which he by the away already knew from 2017. Aaron Jacob Greensoan has been Hacking in to Diego MasMarques’ Internet Netwotk to set him up.

    We have now assisted Diego MasMarques by having his computer, emails and Internet Netword thoroughly investigated by Cyber Firensic Investigators.

    What has already been determined is that Aaron Jacob Greenspan has been sending Diego MasMarques emails since July 18, 2018 using the email address “” and he has sent lots of attachments in these emails that contain viruses and malware to get in to Diego MasMarques’ computer. Diego MasMarques has opened some of these attachments as Aaron Jacob Greenspan has been pretending to be a victim of Aaron Jacob Greenspa wile sending drives and drabs of information to Diego MasMarques to make it look like he was not Aaron Jacob Greenspan. On October 24, 2018, Aaron Jacob Greenspan shut down his fake email account “” and he had been using a VPN all the time.

    On November 4, 2018 Aaron Jacob Greenspan was at it again sending Diego MasMarques emails using the fake email “”. Aaron Jacob Greenspan sent two emails with attachments on November 4 and two more on Nocember 5, 2028 also with Attachments.

    Teitter first suspended Aaron Jacob Greenspan’s Twitter account plainsite@plaindite but once the suspension was over this Sociopath Aaron Jacob Greenspan was at it again uploading personal date on his Twitter account plainsite@plainsite and on aarongreensoan@aarongreenspan. Twitter then Blocked Aaron Jacob Greensoan’s Accounts for heaping abuse and continuously harassing Diego MasMarqyes.

    Aaron Jacob Greenspan wrote on Twitter that he is being harassed by the Santa Clara Superior Court and that they illegally Served him the Restraining Order.

    Aaron Jacob Greenspan went so far as to say that Diego MasMarques should not have the same First Amenfment Rights as he has because apparently he feels superior to other people.

    Aston Jacob Greensoan has now once again been reported to the FBI for Hacking in to Doego NasMarques’ Internet Network system and spoofing his IP address. Once the computer forensic investigators thoroughly examine Diego MasMarques’ computer a detailed report will be filed that will connect Aaron Jacob Greenspan to all of this Hacking.

    The next court date for Diego NasMarqyes v. Aaron Jacob Greendosn is on December 12, 2028 at 1;30pm in Depart’ment 11 at great Santa Clara Superior Court in Dmsan Jose, California.

    The entire truth avout all of Aaron Greensoan’s illegal Hacking will soon come to light and he will be going to prison.

    Aaron Jacob Greensoan thinks that he above the law.

  10. Aaron Greenspan is also taunting Diego Mas Marques. The link below Aaron Greenspan is using the fake name randy123789 on 8th of Mar, 2018. People cant stand this little worm Aaron Greenspan. The entire Shaker Heights, Ohio hates Judi Greenspan, Neil S Greenspan , Simon Greenspan and Aaron Jacob Greenspan. I’m going to attend the court hearing at the Santa Clara Superior Court in San Jose at Department on December 12, 2018 at 1:30pm and let the judge know the truth about this ithis pathological liar Aaron Greenspan. Diego didnt do anything to this jerk Aaron Greenspan. Aaron Greenspan also faked many documents and the judge was fooled by the constant lies by Aaron Greenspan. Aaron Greenspan needs to be locked up for the fake charity that is supposedly to help children with technology. What a bunch of scams and cons by Aaron Greenspan. Aaron Greenspan brings crazy to a new level .

    1. We are going to serve the Civil Lawsuit against Aaron Greenspan at 956 Carolina Street in San Francisco and simultaneously to his father Neil S Greenspan at his Shaker Heights, Ohio address. At this moment we have over 45 people who are all going to be suing these individuals, including Judith Keene Greenspan and anyone else involved in their abusive behaviors towards the public.

      We are going to ask the Judge to place an immediate embargo in a preventive manner on all these people’s assets to make sure they do not hide any assets from the Courts.

      Please join us and do it quickly at