This is the beginning of the end for

This is where as expose the nexus between Reputation firms and the Extortion Websites.  These people enjoying making money out of your misery. They don’t care about the pain and stress you are going through due to defamation and extortion. No, they are leeches that suck your blood. Do not be fooled, for these are the same people that share a cozy laugh with the Extortion Complaint Websites behind your back, and discuss how much you are worth to them. If it’s a Reputation Firm, we’ll challenge their own reputation online. If they are a law firm, we’ll ensure that law takes it’s own course and disbars them.

Here on this series of posts, you will find all information about this so-called Reputation Service and their actors, including –

  • Their real names
  • Their relation with any complaint website(s), if any
  • Identities of all their staff members
  • Their contact details, phone, address
  • Their photos, documents and other business activities
  • Identities of their family, friends and close associates
  • Extortion Complaint websites working with this firm
  • Forensic Evidence
  • Their revenue model
  • Their banking information
  • Their Payment Gateway Details – most payment gateways do NOT allow pay-to-remove services
  • Evidence of Extortion
  • Guidelines on exact laws they have broken, with instructions on how to report them to authorities who are investigating them.
  • Anonymous Tip on this service

Nothing and Nobody can remain anonymous on the internet. Everybody leaves a trail. With this investigation, we’ll prove that these are nothing but associates of opportunist criminals who have left a series of trail. For a team of investigators with over 40 years of combined Cyber Investigation skills, this was a piece of cake. We’ll release the information in stages, so that it can be useful for the legal process.

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