is nothing but a front for Extortion Scams. They are merely Pimps for complaint sites which solicit targets and convince them to ‘pay-for-removal’ of their fake complaints. Whenever a Reputation Service claims that they can get ‘complaints removed’ from any website, you must ask – HOW?

And the answer is – unless they are using SEO techniques, or getting a court order to force Google to remove, the only way they can legally remove a complaint from these extortion website is to ‘pay-a-ransom’. And that’s not all, they collude with these extotionists by providing them with a ‘list of targets’ they can plant fake complaints against.

Even if you do pay them to remove a complaint, BEWARE, for you’ll soon see new unfounded complaints cropping up all across the internet. And guess who will contact you with an offer to remove them for money? You guessed it right –

Here’s where it gets dirty – Most of these Reputation Services not only are accomplices of these extortion websites, in many cases they themselves own those complaint sites. Imagine, paying the same people who willingly defamed you and put you through all the pain, mental torture and cost. It’s time to get back at them in the same fashion.

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